Everything you need to know about augmented reality

Everything you need to know about augmented reality

Technology is evolving at a startling rate. Among the various concepts that have taken over the world by storm, there is one that deserves a special mention which is augmented reality. What is an augmented reality? What impact does it have? Are there any limitations? Your mind must be swarming with these questions. Let us shed some light on the various aspects of AR and the influence it has.

Augmented reality can be considered a blend of the interactive digital environment into the environment of the real-world. A lot of games such as Pokémon Go use augmented reality to provide an immersive experience to the gamers. In this game, the users got the opportunity of viewing the world via the smartphone camera. The game items, including icons, score, and creatures, were all projected as overlays, which made it appear as though they were really in front of you. Indeed, augmented reality can be quite alluring and deceptive.

The idea behind augmented reality is superimposing audio, graphics, and similar sensory enhancements in real-time over the real environment. Although it might sound simple, it is actually quite an advanced technology. Augmented reality systems will allow the display of the graphics from the perspective of individuals. The possibilities of what can be achieved via AR are endless.

Impact of AR on ecommerce

The success and prevalence of ecommerce cannot be denied. Ecommerce has taken over brick and mortar shops to a large extent, and there is a good reason for that. With ecommerce, you have more options and get optimal convenience. Ecommerce is, indeed here to stay.

However, customers are often unable to decide whether a particular product is suitable for them while shopping online. This is where AR steps in. Augmented reality provides shoppers with confidence, allowing them to make decisions regarding their purchase. Therefore, retailers should endeavor to look for ways via which they can integrate AR into their stores. This will ensure that potential customers get in-depth information about the products online while also taking a look at the actual product through the smartphone. This will make it easier for them to make a decision.

AR can offer the users with a profound shopping experience, irrespective of where they are. The 3D objects can be superimposed in various spaces, thereby giving with the users an opportunity of interacting with digital renderings without having to cross the threshold of their houses. Some brands like IKEA have already enabled the users to envision furniture from their homes using smartphone apps. AR can allow consumers to get a more authentic experience in digital shopping, and thus, it will become crucial for retailers to rethink their strategy on how they want to proceed with selling their products.

It is vital to understand that AR cannot be taken lightly. It needs to be made a significant part of sales, marketing, and IT to make sure that it strikes a chord with the shoppers. Therefore, it has become a need of time for retailers to pull up their socks and make some serious changes with regards to augmented reality.

For one thing, they need to use AR to offer a useful experience to the shoppers. Augmented reality can swing the balance in favor of the store where undecided shoppers are concerned. The shopping process can be streamlined with augmented reality provided that it is used in the right manner.

Some augmented reality apps to consider

There are a lot of apps using augmented reality that you will come across. Let us provide you with a few examples so that the concept will become more apparent.

Night Sky or Star Walk

A compelling experience of AR is offered by this app. Night Sky is compatible with ios while star walk is designed for android. This app provides a fulfilling stargazing experience with astronomy. Using your current location along with the orientation of the phone, the app displays an accurate star map on your screen. You can layer this map on your surroundings via the functionality of AR. Indeed, it is quite an education, entertaining and enthralling app which allows you to dig deep into astronomy.

Just a Line

This app is sponsored by Google and allows you to draw AR doddles within your surroundings. Using this app, your drawings can even be collaborated with other users. All that you need to do is hold down your finger and move your phone. Lines will then be drawn in your surroundings.


This is an educational app that uses AR animations to explore the functionality of just about everything. With this app, one can gain an in-depth look into car engines and also tour the solar system. It comes with captions along with explanations and thus enhances your understanding of the various concepts.

Limitations of AR

Augmented reality is undoubtedly an enthralling concept. However, it does have some challenges and limitations. For one thing, a lot of people might not be thrilled with the idea of relying so much on their smartphones for superimposing information. Perhaps augmented reality glasses can change this.

Too much information can be detrimental, as well. People have started expressing their concerns about addiction to the internet and smartphone. Augmented reality can meet the same fate as it can lead to people missing out on what is in front of them. People will start using their AR applications to get a tour of some place instead of relying on the services of an experienced tour guide. They would thus miss out on some interesting times owing to this. Privacy concerns also need to be given importance.

However, despite all these challenges, it can be said with certainty that augmented reality is the future and is here to stay.

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