How Artificial Intelligence has affected our lives

How Artificial Intelligence has affected our lives

It’s the 21st century and technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. Little by little, every task and every process has become digitized. Almost everything has become super convenient and easy to handle. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the creation of intelligence processes by computer systems by using human intelligence as core research. Also called Machine Intelligence, this term defines machines which incorporate basic human functions such as problem-solving, learning, planning and reasoning to function

Knowledge engineering is the perfect word to describe such systems. To make any machine mimic the cognitive behavior of a human, research is really important. An AI machine should have sufficient knowledge to react and respond like a human. Some of the most basic things any AI machine should be able to do is, learn the basic information of set rules, use logic to fix conclusions, use the previously stored information to plan future commitments, and use previous experiences to fix errors.

What many people tend to believe is that overtime; Artificial Intelligence is bound to replace humans in the technical industry. Which is why, Augmented Intelligence is a more neutral term to define Artificial Intelligence technically since the goal is not to replace humans, but improve productivity and convenience in everyone’s lives.

The research and supervision that goes into creating an Artificial Intelligence machine are serious. There are various types of systems concerning Artificial Intelligence.

  • Reactive Artificial Intelligence machines: These kinds of machines and systems have no concept of memory. They have no previously stored data or history to make future decisions. It cannot use past experiences or information to construct any decisions of the future. One of the best examples of this kind of AI machine would be Deep Blue, a chess program created by IBM which analyzed all available moves and chooses the most strategic one.
  • Self-Awareness Artificial Intelligence machines: These kinds of machines can consciously understand states and processes. These machines can react accordingly to situations as they are aware of their surroundings and conditions. Such machines are able to understand the current state they’re in and take in surrounding information to infer people are reacting.
  • Limited Memory Artificial Intelligence machines: These machines have short-term memory. Such machines have the ability to revisit past experiences and learn from them for a while. These machines use previous experiences and information to aid future decisions. Self-driving cars are a perfect example of this kind of AI. These cars observe traffic conditions, weather conditions, road conditions and more to make better driving decisions.
  • Human-inspired Artificial Intelligence machines: These machines take into account cognitive and emotional intelligence. The machine is taught to understand a human’s emotions and desires to land a conclusion. Although these machines have not been widely developed yet, it’s a great possibility for the future.

There are many problems that Artificial Intelligence methods have believed to solve, such as:

  • Face recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Virtual and Augmented reality
  • Text recognition (Natural language processing)
  • Chatbots
  • Robotics

Artificial Intelligence has taken over various fields. Listed below are some applications of Artificial intelligence in different industries and sectors.


Artificial Intelligence has helped greatly in automating long and tiring processes. Grading has never been easier. This gives tutors more time to focus on what’s more important in classrooms. Such robots or machines can individually study and assess a student’s capability every class, to support students move at their own pace.


Incorporating machine learning in a system is bound to diagnose patients quicker and precisely. Such machines learn to understand and breakdown natural language to draft responsive data. Computer programs, software, and chatbots are frequently used to help answer patient’s queries and also schedule appointments, review payments, provide medical reports and assist customers.  AI also stores every patient’s data to help doctors review things quicker and keep up with a patient’s records.


Robots are a lifesaver in the business sector. Robots process information and fulfill different tasks which are normally performed by people. Machine learning is mainly used to analyze and store information. Customers and businesses, both benefit from such AI machines. These machines take feedback from customers on websites through chatbots and customer support portals and then proceed to store information, to improve customer service.


The whole process of keeping up with data and files can become hectic for people to remember. Which is why AI has helped in automating the documenting process. AI machines or robots automatically update the database. Computer assistants are programmed to answer questions by using previously stored data of products or services. Keeping up with the workflow in heavy industry such as the manufacturing industry can become overwhelming, but AI has definitely advanced all processes. Heavy ad repetitive tasks are automatically handled by Robotics and machines.

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