How Augmented Reality can boost your Sales Productivity?

How Augmented Reality can boost your Sales Productivity?

AR is burgeoning at rapid pace. Being implemented in various fields like industrial manufacturing and retail, AR is also showing maximum potential in ecommerce industry. In fact, this emerging technology serves as a key driver of ecommerce growth. AR is making it all possible by enhancing customer’s experience, their interest, and contribution level. Those who are unfamiliar of the term Augmented Reality, let’s delve into some basics first.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is changing the way we use screens by making it more interesting and interactive. It enables users to add digital based features into their real-world environment. The way AR explores the online space and resolves the urgent issues has turned it into a must-have technology.

In addition, Augmented Reality can take your sales game to the next level. Let’s delve into some features that AR brings into the ecommerce world.

Customer engagement

It has been observed that user feel more connected when they are allowed to engage with a 2D image of a virtual product. The way AR gives an in-depth view of virtual products makes customers to inspire and visit the online store again and again.


Augmented Reality also empowers the dawn of a new art form – storytelling. It revolutionizes the digital world by introducing latest news and stories to users. This, in turn, allows users to take interest in promotions of digital products.


3D visualization encourages AR users in making a precise decision. Since AR gives an exact view of virtual products, customers are less likely to return the products. The reason behind reduced return rate lies in AR’s interactive experience that it provides to ecommerce users.


Ecommerce stores sell wearable, shoes and numerous items that you can only view. It doesn’t let you glean an interactive experience like AR does. However, AR delivers the personalization feature to ecommerce users where they can view themselves in all apparels to realize which dress suits them the best.

Why AR matters in ecommerce?

Being an ecommerce retailer, you might want to interact more proactively with shoppers. For this purpose, use of innovative AR apps is suggested. This is because it allows shoppers to visualize items while sitting in their couch.

AR enables shopping Support

At the click of button, AR apps enable customers to tweak color and other physical features so that they can view exactly what they are ordering online. This is something an online shopper really admires. There are various AR systems for ecommerce ventures out there, where an online salesperson will help customers while buying products. With AR apps, online shopping has become supportive and interactive.

Tailored shopping

Augmented Reality offers a touch of personalized experience to online shoppers. It takes care of the user’s unique interests and choices, thereby giving a better shopping experience.

Furthermore, AR incorporates colors and dimensions of products to view the same product differently by just sitting in front of screens. This makes product selection process a bit easier for customers.

Integrating Images

To a shopper, size and design of a product matters a lot. There are AR apps that uses augmented reality to project an object on your body to give a feel of real-life design and size.

Specifically for ecommerce, AR does provide virtual shopfronts by allowing integration of artificial intelligence. This gives one-of-a-kind interactive experience to shoppers.

Augmented Reality Apps in ecommerce

Augmented Reality ecommerce apps keep the customers engaged via their interactive online experience. Also, it is believed as key player in enhancing in-store traffic. The future of augmented reality holds more, since it tends to evolve with changing customer’s demands.

Virtual Try-on Solutions

Try-on Solutions allow customers to try on branded clothes, jewelry and watches while sitting at home before buying. Being an emerging technology, it leverages cross-channel traffic and entice shoppers. Apart from providing extensive shopping experience, VR try-on solutions serve as a revolutionary technology for retailers and marketers.

AR Manual

AR user manual helps to demonstrate the product essentials and details interactively. It allows users¬† to understand the functionality of the appliance virtually with the user-friendly virtual guide. Rather than reading instructions on manual, you can easily access the details with the help of smart devices. What’s more, not only it saves time but it will also eradicate the fear of unknown security risks while buying any appliance.

Due to incorporated 3D technology with AR, using an AR manual allows more customers to know what the appliance is all about, and how to use it. In short, they get to know everything about the product. This is because it provides a scanning option. After scanning the products, the AR user manual will specify all useful features and their functions in a virtual way.

Body measurement app

The Body Measurement App can solve all your measuring nightmares. It has an end goal to equip the user with the most precise virtual measurement of the body. It has changed the way we try on clothes. Breaking the daily norm, it might be no wrong to say that this app is revolutionary in ecommerce field.

We all know that fitting is a basic issue when buying apparels online. Hence, body measurement app helps consumers to find a right size before purchasing. The app works by virtually mapping their bodies to determine the right size of clothing.


Incorporate AR apps and get your ecommerce business noticed amongst other ecommerce websites. Since AR apps let you connect with your customers interactively, it results in achieving higher conversion rates, and thus more sales.

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