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Many traders often ask: Of all POS software, which is best? Of course, opinions vary greatly, but some leading authorities have settled on Toast Retail POS software as the top of the game. Such authorities give many reasons. For one, Toast is recognized as a tremendous time-saving device that allows businesses to order tracking capabilities while at the same time offering data reporting. This dramatically enhances the quality of service provided, making the entire process very easy for users and customers. It easily takes care of efficient restaurant booking, stocks management, and online ordering. Using Toast significantly lowers operating costs, thereby increasing revenue. Additionally, customers get good options for making payments using a number of channels.

Other Top-Rated POS systems


  • Cybersys

This POS is popular with small businesses that require cheap, fully functional software. It has powerful features which include credit card readers, barcode scanners, printers and a variety of special hardware. It is flexible and customized for unique business needs. The software is tailored to advance both external and internal communication in the corporate sector. You can, therefore, be sure that your services and products will always be delivered in record time.

The Cybersis system-generated reports will help you quickly analyze your goals and targets on a regular basis. The system also enables you to administer the inventories. Cybersys is reputed as a powerful tool that is not costly. It has many additional features like employee access management and eCommerce integration.

  • Square

Square is a functional POS that enhances a paperless operation, reducing needless traceability of transactions. With this software, you can easily receive and operate payments via credit and debit cards even from a mobile device. It serves both as an item management software and real-time sales tracker cum inventory. It also has analytics and reporting features. The smart analytics and intelligence reports is useful for giving essential business tips that help you make sound business decisions.

  • Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a web application that enables you to create an online store. To do this, it gives you a choice range of templates which can be customized to fit the individual users’ needs. The software easily allows both physical and digital goods to be sold online.

Shopify is today one of the most popular eCommerce solutions available for building an online business. It was initially established as a Canadian e-commerce venture. It is today thought to have about one million users. Shopify gives online retailers a range of specialized services; these include payments processing, marketing, and shipping. Shopify offers the tools for customer engagement which greatly simplify the day-to-day running of online businesses.

The Shopify software easily functions on both iPads and iPhones. It can be successfully used to manage both physical and online stores. Interestingly, Shopify enables users to conduct business even on social media. While on Instagram, for instance, users can do sales transactions on the app’s Instagram Sales tool. This is done by simply tagging items in personal posts. Shopify also enables merchants to run successful campaigns by easily launching, creating and monitoring their marketing efforts.

Moreover, you can quickly do your product promotion by creating checkout links with the touch of a button. These can then be simply copied into SMS, social media or email posts. Shopify helps you monitor inventory movement by allowing you to view locations from which a product emanates.


Cloud-based Software

Shopify is a cloud-based product that will help you manage inventory seamlessly. The POS is both simple and straightforward. You can use it either as a stand-alone mechanism or an integration to your online business. Using Shopify does not require any specialized training. It may well be described as a complete eCommerce platform that works very well for small businesses. It offers excellent client support, low pricing, and smart features. It is specially designed for online businesses of a retail nature.

Using Shopify is easy. You don’t need to hire the services of a web developer or design agency to create a store. If you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you will quickly find that Shopify enables you to edit these while giving you excellent control over template design. And you don’t need to hire web-hosting services or install any additional software because Shopify is a self-hosted solution. You can also customize your store to fit individual needs just by using custom mode or by adding a simple app.



Shopify has at least 5 pricing plans to choose from. These include ( starting from the lowest to highest priced) Basic Shopify, Shopify, Shopify Lite, Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus. POS represents one of the cheapest options for online sellers. Its starter plan that costs just $9, even allows you to sell an unlimited amount of goods.

It’s notable that Shopify payments are available in only a few select countries including Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Japan, Ireland, and New Zealand.


  • AB POS

This is a total POS solution that is also cloud-based. The AB POS system encompasses all the modern POS features needed to boost sales processes. These include menu editing, menu creation, sales and orders management, and staff scheduling. AB POS makes the matter of payments very simple and secure. It employs the best data protection technologies; therefore, you are assured of data security. It supports different payment systems including Mastercard, Europay and Visa. This makes it easy for businesses and customers to manage their payments easily.

  • Vend

Vend is a top iPad POS solution in the 21st-century market. It is popularly used by retail stores to administer inventory, sales and customer management tasks. Vend is very flexible and priced reasonably. It can also be easily personalized to accommodate individual preferences. Vend offers varied data entry options employing keyboard, mouse or the touchscreen. It can also customize your POS screen to enable access to your most used features or items. Today Vend offers excellent benefits to online sellers. It provides in-store and online sales users precisely what is tailored to unique needs. With this software, you can manage sales centrally. This is because the platform can sync customers, inventory, sales, and products all between the apps. It can accommodate both Instagram and Facebook users. This automatically turns them into potential customers for your business.


Retail software for POS can be a great time-saving tool. It conveniently allows businesses to order tracking capabilities. It offers data reporting. And that is not all; it cares for efficient restaurant booking, online ordering, and good stocks management. Using a good system like Toast even significantly lowers operating costs. In the end, your revenue phenomenally increases, and customer satisfaction soars. Use excellent retail POS for the success of your online business.


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