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Selecting a domain name isn’t a walk in the park. You want a domain name that will be meaningful and memorable and also one that will describe what your brand is and its purpose. The sad thing is that even after you have come up with the perfect domain name you might find that another person already takes the .com domain. That leads you back to the starting point of choosing a domain name.

You can choose to use domain name generators to ease your work of finding a domain name. The reason for using a domain name generator is for you to find a domain name, making a domain name for a blog but aren’t sure which domain name to choose or if you want to set up a website and you have no idea of the domain name to choose. The following are some of the top domain name generators that can help you.

  1. Lean domain search

You start with a single keyword of your choice and then your search for domain options using lean domain search. Your search result will produce thousands of name ideas that you can use. All the results will be available in the form of .com domains. If you have specific ideas and you need a full domain name, then this is the best tool to use. With lean domain search, you can be able to filter an alphabetical lookup by popularity or length, save some of your favourite domain names, share search results and search your ideas to see whether they are available.

  1. Bust a name

Bust a name has various filtering tools that will help you in finding the right domain name which will meet your needs. You start by filtering for the keywords then you choose options like “ends” or “starts” with your keyword. Then you filter your search results depending on how you want your domain name to look, and then you choose your character limit. If there’s no particular keyword in mind, you can try the make “a random domain” button to ignite ideas or to grab an available domain name. If you happen to find a domain name that interests you, save it for some other time or purchase it via domain registrars such as Namecheap or GoDaddy. If there’s an existing domain name, you can run a domain search on Bust a name.

  1. Nameboy

Nameboy will assist you in finding the domain names that you want based on the keywords which you will choose. Enter a keyword, or more and nameboy will generate results of domain names. The chart of Nameboy makes it easy for you to determine the extensions which are already taken and the ones that you can still grab. You will also be able to see the domain names that are for resale. Nameboy works well if already you have an idea of the keyword that you want to use but want different variations of suggestions on it.

  1. Domain puzzler

Domain puzzler is a simple tool that has a lot of options to use. You start with the easy version and insert your keywords, choose your preferred domain extensions and then search for ideas. With this domain generator, you can add more than two keywords as compared to the rest domain name generators and it combines these keywords into various variations. You can add the search results to your favourite list or proceed to more advanced options.


With the above domain name generators, you won’t have a problem with coming up with the best domain name for your blog or site.

If you are also interested in knowing about Premium Domains read the following article.


What Are the Best Websites for Finding and Buying Premium Domains

Having troubles finding the perfect premium domain for your new business? Here are the best websites for finding and buying premium domains!


There are so many domain name registrars out there such as Cheap Domain Names, GoDaddy, Domain Names, and many others that can help you find a suitable domain name for your new website, blog, ecommerce site or online business. The problem is that the domain names which you are finding may not be available because someone else has bought it or they are already in use.


Don’t worry as you are not the only person out there who is having troubles finding the right premium domain. There are so many people and future business owners who are having the same problem. So, what are the best websites or places for finding the buying premium domains?


There is no doubt that the best place to buy premium domains at lower prices is Flippa. If you check out this site, you will notice that the prices are lower and you can also participate at an auction for bidding. When it comes to payment, you can use Flippa Escrow or a direct transfer via PayPal.


DomainBrothers are also a great place to check out. This site has helped a lot of people to find and purchase great domains at a very cost-effective price. The thing we like about this site is that they have a great team that can help you find the right name for your business.

This site specializes in buying and selling domains. Yes, DomainBrothers has expertise in buying domains, development, strategy creation, marketing, and consultation. They are slightly different from any other domain name registrar. They not only sell premium domains but they also help in creating a suitable strategy that works for the benefit of your site, blog or ecommerce store. When you come to the site, they will analyze your business, they will suggest you a domain name that is available, and helps you make the right choice. Once you will choose a domain name, they will help you with the development, design, and marketing.

If you are a seller, a domain owner or if you are interested in selling your unused domain name, DomainBrothers is again the right place for you. They are qualified and experienced in connecting businesses with domain owners and help you get the sale you want. The thing we like is that you can always expect a professional approach to your needs.


If you are interested in buying premium domains and the domain name you want is already taken, you need to up with the perfect plan to get that domain. If everything goes well, you can negotiate a great price of the domain you want. We have a few tips that can help you out:


  • Thoroughly research the seller – The first thing you need to do is research the seller thoroughly. Find out whether the seller has a history of previous sales? Does the seller have a social media profile or a blog that could give you an insight into his views, standing, and opinions? Every information you can acquire could help you when negotiating the price.
  • Research the domain – Domain names have histories of use which can impact their price. You need to check out if the domain was sold previously and for how much, if the domain was used to host a site or blog and does the domain name have any penalties or negative backlink profile?
  • Consider alternative domains – If you think you found the perfect domain and the seller doesn’t want to sell the domain, you should always consider alternative domain options.


Good luck! Make the right choice!


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